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Jules Hancock, 

       b.1985, is a Western Australian visual artist, revered for his dynamic and versatile approach to art, blending various artistic expressions into his work with a poignant exploration of the human condition. His ability to convey deep philosophical concepts through the medium of visual art places him amongst the most introspective and impactful artists within the sphere. His work is a testament to the enduring power of art to explore, question, and illuminate the complexities of the pursuit of meaning in a world of endless suffering


His oeuvre reflects a deep reverence for the likes of Van Dyke and Hieronymus Bosch, intertwined with the bold, significant strokes of Francis Bacon. Moreover, Hancock draws profound inspiration from his hero artists, notably the emotive intensity of Edvard Munch, the raw expressiveness of Egon Schiele, and the intricate subtleties of Guglielmo Castelli. This eclectic blend of influences, ranging from the historic to the avant-garde, imbues his work with a rich tapestry of styles and themes, making it a resonant echo of the past and a vivid portrayal of the present.

What sets Hancock apart is his ability to encapsulate the intangible and often elusive nature of the human psyche. His art does not shy away from the complexities and contradictions that characterise the search for meaning. Instead, it embraces them, offering viewers a mirror to reflect upon their own experiences and beliefs. The existential themes in his work resonate with a universal audience, providing a canvas for introspection and contemplation.

 His haunting portrayal of monsters as personal demons and ethereal depictions of human figures traverse the spectrum of existentialism and push through to the quest for meaning. This introspective approach offers a refreshing perspective in contemporary art, making his work a powerful tool for exploring and understanding deeper aspects of the human psyche. Hancock's art resonates universally to those who are not afraid to ‘see’, providing a reflective mirror for viewers to contemplate their own experiences, values, understandings and beliefs.

Hancock’s artistic practice is not limited to traditional galleries, nor a single medium, but extends to innovative collaborations and experiences that blend visual art with other forms of expression, from music, to luxury motor cars, from painting to sculpture, from artist’s books to printmaking.

A notable example is Hancock’s participation in the multidisciplinary concert "Bloom" in 2022. This event showcased his painting techniqe in real time, centred on floral imagery, alongside chamber music and botanical arrangments, highlighting his ability to merge visual artistry with other artistic forms, enhancing the immersive experience of his work​​.

Hancock collaborated with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, in a bespoke live painting experience, which stands out as a significant achievement. This collaboration, where art and automotive excellence converged, saw Hancock creating an abstract art piece live, inspired by the timeless elegance of Rolls-Royce. This event not only showcased his artistic talent but also his ability to capture the essence of luxury and sophistication synonymous with the Rolls-Royce brand. The guests at this event received smaller original bespoke art works as keepsakes, further extending the reach and impact of his art​​.

These varied collaborations and exhibitions demonstrate Hancock's broad appeal and his skill in adapting his art to different contexts and themes​​. Creating artwork for musicians and bands for spotify & record covers.

Jules Hancock's artistic prowess transcends creation, to active participation in the art community, including volunteering  at prestigious establishments, such as the Art Gallery of Western Australia, curating grand exhibitions, performing demonstrations at various art organisations such as the Western Australian Association of Artists, teaching Oil paint mastery at the Perth Art Academy and providing private mentorship to artists.

His art, residing in prestigious collections, enjoyed by his collectors, is displayed alongside works by iconic, aclaimed, contemporary and up and coming emerging artists from all corners of the world, including Rachael Coad, Robert Juiniper, Anthony Lister, Mr Brainwash, David Bromley, Murray Gill, Christian Rex van Minnen, & other greats in the field. This illustrious company underscores Hancock's revered status.

His collaborative ventures with artists of the calibre of such as Joana Partyka, Christian Gebauer,  Ryan David Ahern, Mark Raats and Peter Barker, further solidify his standing and respect as a formidable contemporary artist within the vibrant Western Australian art scene.

Jules Hancock's artistic odyssey, marked by his acquisition of a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art Studio from Edith Cowan University, was significantly enhanced and enriched by the esteemed mentorship of renowned artists Dr Paul Uhlmann, Dr Nien Schwarz, and Gregory Pryor. These distinguished mentors imparted their profound knowledge and experience, providing Hancock with invaluable guidance and insights that have been instrumental in shaping his artistic vision and practice.

As a super nova, Hancock burst on the scene as molten gold and broke the status quo, in his emerging decade. Now early career, Jules is thrusting forward with wisdom, timeless works & a constantly redefined meta.

  • Bachelor of Arts

    • Visual Art Studio

      • Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley, Western Australia​


Selected group Exhibitions


  • 2023

    • Facets, Juniper Galleries, Darlington

    • Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Collaboration, Sandalford Wines, Swan Valley

    • Enchanted Encounters, Liberty Theatre, Perth CBD

  • 2022​

    • Candour, The Orangery, Shenton Park

    • New Works, ​The Orangery, Shenton Park

    • Bloom, Moana Hall, Perth CBD​​

  • ​2021

    • Dad, Juniper Galleries, Darlington​
    • Art Sale, ​The Orangery, Shenton Park​​

  • ​2020
    • Midsummer, Juniper Galleries, Darlington
    • Christmas Group Show, The Orangery, Shenton Park
    • New Masters - Old Visions, The Orangery, Shenton Park​

    • Bushfire Relief, Silent Art Auction​, Chapel Farm, Middle Swan 

  • 2019

    •  City of South Perth's Emerging Artist Award

    • Town of Claremont Art Awards and Exhibition.

    • City of Stirling Art Awards Exhibition

    • Darlington Arts Festival Open Art Exhibition 

  • 2018
    • The Borg Design Exhibition​, Psychomug, Subiaco

    • The Female Spirit, Gallery Lumino, Subiaco 

  • 2017

    • Bright Future, Beyond Gallery, North Perth

    • Jul-Ian Exhibition, Beyond Gallery, North Perth

  • 2015 

    • Transit Lounge, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley

    •  4.115 Exhibition, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley

    • Artist's Books and Zines Saved My Life! Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley

  • 2014              

    •  Flourish, Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley​

  • 2011​

    • Swap, Central Institute of Technology, Northbridge​


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